The Tranquil Soul Clothing Story...

…has its roots in the quirky little world of Dizzy Daisies, the slightly more stressful Ministry of Justice and a love of meditation!

Dizzy Daisies started life as a tiny little cottage printing business over 20 years ago. We printed everything from skydiving teamwear to ski straps. To supplement this wonderful little business (and pay the mortgage!) Sarah began a career in the MoJ.

 Around the same time, Sarah was introduced to Vipassana meditation and eventually realised that meditation didn’t necessarily always involve 10 days of silent retreat (!)  So began a wonderful exploration of mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, and the beautiful Sharpham Trust and their fabulous Barn Retreat and secluded Kuti. 

In September 2018, after ten years with ‘The Ministry’ she had all the impetus she needed to escape once more into the lovely world of meditation, mindfulness, and general loveliness. And what better way to combine her loves of printing and meditation than Tranquil Soul Clothing.

Our beautiful collection is aimed at:

Women of a certain age who still feel and act like a 25 year olds (!)

Who like a bag of choccies and a glass of wine, but also likes to think she can still do a bit of exercise;

Can’t bear the thought of squeezing into something tight and clingy to go to a pilates or yoga class;

Don’t want everything wobbling on show when (and if) we attempt the Couch to 5K;

So here we have the result – a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us everyday in clothing form 🙂 

We do hope you enjoy the collection of flowy meditation inspired clothing we have put together and if you have any queries, or have a fab suggestion for the ‘Things We Love’ section – please get in touch! We love to hear from all our gorgeous customers!

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